Accessibility features in Dreamwidth

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This contains a list of ways in which Dreamwidth is good at accessibility. This list is a retooled version of items in this post.

  • There is alt text for user icons.
  • Dreamwidth's Diversity Statement, which contains, among other things, this line: "We think accessibility for people with disabilities is a priority, not an afterthought."
  • There is an "Other" option in the gender field.
  • The layout of HTML in comment threads is semantic, which makes them easier to navigate with a screen reader and other accessibility software.
    • Further, the ordering of the userpic/subject on the page is more logical.
  • The navigation bar contains links for both the format=light and style=mine options, making them must easier to use.
  • Readers have more control over their viewing experience. For example, if they don't want the navigation bar displayed, then they can turn it off globally.
  • The Manage Tags page is completely accessible.