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Frequently asked question in several formats from some new developers coming to Dreamwidth (often from other programming projects) involves confusion between Dreamwidth accounts, Dreamhacks, and invitation codes.

A "Dreamwidth account" is a user account on dreamwidth.org. It is recommended for all developers to have a Dreamwidth account to communicate with other developers and mentors, and monitor any announcements. (how to create account)

A "Dreamhack" is the hosted development environment that Dreamwidth provides for any prospective developers who would like one. These are recommended for your convenience. Beginning developers need not attempt their own server administration unless they would like to try it, and even experienced server administrators do not have to handle the perils of setup if they do not want to. (more about dreamhacks)

Prospective developers who would like to create their own installation (for practice, for customization, for a local rather than a remote installation) are of course welcome to do so.

After the Dreamhack (or other installation for a development environment) has been created, you can create users on your test installation.

Both Dreamwidth and your Dreamhack installation can have invite codes.

Invite codes generated by Dreamwidth for use on Dreamwidth will not work on your Dreamhack, and invite codes generated on your Dreamhack will not work on Dreamwidth.

Obtaining Dreamwidth invite codes: Check with [info]dw_codesharing, or sometimes IRC people have spares.

To get invite codes on your Dreamhack, you enable invitation codes and generate them. See Invite code generation.