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Where [info]sgsabbage helped [info]kaberett through the straightforward way of manual conflict resolution.

At some point maybe something in that's less chat?

03:48 AM <kaberett> can someone talk me through the straightforward way of getting github (or git, whichever) to show me conflicts between my branch and develop?
03:49 AM <kaberett> I could ask the internet but I'm a bit wobbly so I'm asking you lot instead :-p
03:50 AM <sgsabbage> so right. I am going off a bit of memory here and may Cock It Up and get it wrong
03:50 AM <sgsabbage> I think it'll be git rather than git hub
03:50 AM <kaberett> uhuh
03:50 AM <sgsabbage> so.. go into your branch in the command line
03:50 AM <sgsabbage> git fetch dreamwidth
03:51 AM <sgsabbage> git merge dreamwidth/develop
03:51 AM <sgsabbage> and I think it'll then give you a message about merge conflicts?
03:51 AM <kaberett> yep
03:51 AM <sgsabbage> okay, has it given you the list of files?
03:51 AM <kaberett> gives me a list of files
03:51 AM <kaberett> yep
03:52 AM <sgsabbage> I don't -think- there's a way of viewing all merge conflicts, but in each file there should be a line like.. uh..
03:52 AM <sgsabbage> <<<<<<<< HEAD
03:52 AM <kaberett> I was kinda hoping for line numbers >>; is that a magic that can happen?
03:52 AM <sgsabbage> I'm looking now because brain is not coming up with anything on the fly
03:52 AM <kaberett> aha
03:52 AM <kaberett> yes, foudn it
03:52 AM <sgsabbage> (um have you dealt with the merge conflict format before?)
03:53 AM <kaberett> okay that's not... a super intuitive format
03:53 AM <kaberett> no
03:53 AM <sgsabbage> yeaaah
03:53 AM <kaberett> but I think I see what is going on
03:53 AM <kaberett> the top lot is mine, the bottom lot is what's on develop
03:53 AM <sgsabbage> ya
03:53 AM <kaberett> I can then mix and match the two as appropriate
03:53 AM <sgsabbage> yup. bear in mind there may be multiple lines like that
03:53 AM <kaberett> yeah
03:54 AM <sgsabbage> when it gets to merge conflicts git kinda just throws it all in a file and goes 'YOUR PROBLEM NOW'
03:54 AM <kaberett> so I've actually got an 8-line block that's doing this in the file I'm looking at
03:54 AM <kaberett> one of the other files is going to be worse, it's editing two (much longer) blocks instead
03:54 AM <kaberett> but OH WELL
03:54 AM <sgsabbage> :/
03:54 AM <sgsabbage> so, basically, to resolve (because git doesn't tell you when you've resolved a merge conflict hahah)
03:55 AM <sgsabbage> when you've finished getting the file to where you want it (obvs with === and << and >>>> lines gone)
03:55 AM <sgsabbage> just add it like you would normally
03:55 AM <sgsabbage> and then commit once all the files are right
03:55 AM <sgsabbage> I am about 60% sure there is no 'git I fixed it all make it right'
03:56 AM <sgsabbage> it's all very manual and there is probably a better way that I've completely forgotten?
03:57 AM <kaberett> heh
03:57 AM <kaberett> this is sufficient for me to be getting on with, thank you :-)
03:57 AM <sgsabbage> awesome. Shout if you need anything else!
03:58 AM <kaberett> will do!
03:59 AM <sgsabbage> oh! right, one thing that always catches me out, is when you commit, it'll have already built the commit message for you - with the names of the conflicted files in
03:59 AM <sgsabbage> and I ALWAYS go '...wait, I thought I fixed those files' before realising that what it means was 'these files were conflicted'