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Each custom tag listed below has a canonical DW version and its inherited LJ equivalent. Both will work.

The following custom tags are supported in journal entries:

  • cut (aka lj-cut): Hides enclosed text behind an expandable link, using the text specified in the "text" attribute (defaults to "Read More...") - see also FAQ 88.
  • poll (aka lj-poll): Encloses markup defining questions and options for a poll. You will usually want to use the Poll Creator instead of editing poll markup by hand. (Only paid accounts can create polls.)
  • poll-item (aka lj-pi): See above.
  • poll-question (aka lj-pq): See above.
  • site-embed (aka lj-embed): Internal markup for referencing embedded content from other sites such as YouTube videos - see FAQ 246. You will generally only see this when editing a post that contains such content, since the transformation happens behind the scenes. We have an issue open to make embedded content work for comments as well as entries.
  • site-template (aka lj-template): Another internal tag related to embedded content - possibly deprecated?

A few custom tags are supported in other HTML areas of the site (comments, profile bios, etc.) as well as entries:

  • raw-code (aka lj-raw): Indicates sections of text that should be considered preformatted HTML, in the midst of otherwise nonformatted text - see also FAQ 134.
  • user: <user name="username"> for referring to another user on the site; we automatically detect the journal type to display the correct userhead (see FAQ 87). You can also reference users on other sites using the construction <user site="sitename" user="username"> (e.g. <user site="github" name="kareila">). The inherited LJ equivalent for the user tag is <lj user="username"> or <lj comm="commname">. This tag is so common that we've also enabled it on this wiki, using [dwuser] and [dwcomm] tags.