Keeping your site configs from wiping during updates

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If you are working with dw-nonfree code, updates can wipe your site config files. This is a way to get around that.

First, edit $LJHOME/etc/ to your satisfaction. Then, make your local directories:

mkdir cvs/local cvs/local/etc cvs/local/cvs
cp etc/ cvs/local/etc

Create $LJHOME/cvs/local/cvs/multicvs-private.conf and put this in it:

local .

Then, copy it to the main cvs directory:

cp $LJHOME/cvs/local/cvs/multicvs-private.conf $LJHOME/cvs/

From now on, if you want to make changes to, do them to the cvs/local/etc/ version.

Old instructions

Previously, these instructions used $LJHOME/cvs/local/cvs/multicvs-local.conf. If you followed them, you can delete that file now and use the system set up above:

rm $LJHOME/cvs/local/cvs/multicvs-local.conf