Legacy .pl Files

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The legacy .pl files in cgi-bin are:

modperl.pl, modperl_subs.pl

It looks like modperl.pl already uses package LJ::ModPerl, as does the second part of modperl_subs.pl. The first part of modperl_subs.pl needs to be moved into LJ::Global/LJ::Local.

Renaming modperl.pl will require all sites to edit their Apache configuration to point to the new filename. This will require some outreach effort and update of our installation documentation.


This file is included pretty much everywhere, so this will be a big diff, and there may be hidden dependencies. There is also code that allows for the existence of ljlib-local.pl, so that will have to be reconsidered.


Probably leave it alone and get rid of it when we get rid of BML (our previous attempts at renaming similar code involved unpleasant surprises; no need for that when this entire area of work is going to be obsolete...)