Production Closed Beta Checklist

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This document describes the things that need to be done to have production setup for Closed Beta. This is the list of things Mark needs to do, mostly, as most of these can't really be farmed out yet.

  • Allocate four machines (small, 1GB each, $280/month?)
    • Two webservers, two databases
  • Databases...
    • One master, one slave
    • Slave takes no traffic, serves as replication target, does backups
    • Backups done nightly (if possible more often?)
  • Three memcache instances: both webservers, database slave
  • Gearman/TheSchwartz jobs run on database slave
  • Perlbal/public IP on one of the webservers
  • Internal IPs only on all the other machines

What is missing?

  • DNS
  • Mail
  •  ???