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  • - Although there are a number of ways to search, items like the directory search are quite limited and the directory search currently seems to be broken. New ideas: by location, by language, by updated (24h, 3d, 7d, 1mo), by multiple tickyboxed interests (as in "find people who are into [x]bisexuality [x]fanfiction [x]doctor who."
  • A decent search of journals, such as 'Search for this text in the posts visible to me in these journals in the past n days'. Doubtless hideously resource expensive (so limit to paid members and, possibly, how many searches can be made) but the alternative is downloading large chunks of data and then searching locally.
  • Have interest search display newest or most recently active journals instead of oldest.
  • A search option or some other page than can be used to find all entries and comments you've posted anywhere on DW.