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Existing S2 Style Features on LJ

This page will eventually be used to show which features are standard on Dreamwidth styles and which ones are style-specific. Until then, here's a breakdown of how they're currently implemented on LiveJournal, so you can see the kinds of tweaks we're considering. If you have a specific preference or idea, please add it to the Styles Wishlist page.

All layouts

Features available in all LJ's S2 layouts:

  • Custom CSS
  • Link List
  • Navigation Strip Colors
  • Number of Journal Entries on Page
  • Replacement Stylesheet URL
  • Community User Pictures on Friends Page
  • Site Scheme Comment Pages
  • Timezone Support

Some layouts

Features available in some of LJ's S2 layouts:

  • Automatic Color Palette (color palette generation based on a set of colors and generation rules)
  • Bottom Margin (can customize to allow footer image of varying height)
  • Changing Border Style around one/more elements
  • Changing Comment Link Text
  • Changing Date Format
  • Changing Link Underline Styles
  • Changing Navigation Text
  • Changing Page Alignment
  • Changing Page Width
  • Changing Time Format
  • Color Customization
  • Counter Code
  • Cursor Customization (your friendly accessibility guru may have to garotte anybody who implements this. It's only in the LJ style "Gradient Strip")
  • Disable Friends Userpics
  • Entry Box Resizing
  • Font Size Specification
  • Font Specification
  • Free Text/Extra Sidebar Content
  • Friend Colors on Friends Page
  • Guestbook (Description here)
  • Header Image
  • Heading Text for Links list module in sidebar
  • Heading Text for Page Summaries module in sidebar
  • Hiding Comment Subject Icons
  • Hiding Mood Icons
  • Icons on Entry View Page
  • Mini-Calendar
  • Order of Entries on Day View
  • Order of Entries on Friends View
  • Order of Entries on Recent View
  • Order of Months on Year View
  • Page Background Image
  • Page Background Image Properties
  • Page Summaries module in sidebar
  • Permanent Link to Entry
  • Position of Comment Links
  • Position of Currents
  • Position of Entry Tags
  • Position of Journal View Links
  • Position of Title
  • Renaming Currents (changing Mood/Music/Location text - description here)
  • Sidebar Contents (choose which modules and module order)
  • Sidebar Position
  • Sidebar Width
  • Small User Pictures on Comments
  • Tag List in Sidebar
  • Text to Display When No Entries in Day View
  • Text to Link to Single Entry View
  • Text to Replace Subject Line When Empty
  • Title Bar Pattern
  • Title Bar Position
  • Top Margin
  • User Pictures on Recent Entries