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This page is meant to list volunteer opportunities in different areas of Dreamwidth, and suggestions of where to go or who to contact to get started. For the most up-to-date information, drop by [info]dw_volunteers.


Team Team lead Discussion community IRC channel
Support [info]zarhooie [info]dw_support, [info]dw_support_training #dreamwidth_support
Styles [info]afuna [info]dw_styles
Documentation [info]dw_docs #dreamwidth_docs
Development [info]dw_dev, [info]dw_dev_training #dreamwidth_dev
Accessibility [info]rb [info]dw_accessibility

Specific Tasks

For anyone!

Here are some good places to get started if you aren't sure what you want to do, but just want to help out.


If you're a graphic designer or interested in working with UI and layout, you might be interested in working on DW styles.


If you're technically minded, here are some starting points. Note that we provide training and support for new developers, so don't assume that your skills aren't good enough!



  • Look at the suggestions re: support and development