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See also: Numbered accounts (Added 01/27)

Account Creation

Account Deletion

    • A proposed measure to free up more usernames by purging a greater number of inactive accounts, as the ratio of inactive accounts to active accounts is nearly 15:1.
    • The link is to a useful refinement in the comments, which would issue a policy change announcement and create a fairly automated system for the deletion and purging of inactive accounts.
    • Another suggestion (full disclosure: mine) was to implement a renaming system like that which is used in MMORPGs for names which are offensive, violate trademarks, or are otherwise impermissible under that game’s rules. Rather than completely eliminate someone’s (admittedly inactive) journal, rename the journal to a default name and put a note on the profile page stating the date on which the name was changed and what the old name was.
    • Now in DW Suggestions.
  • Make purged usernames available for new accounts.

Account-Type Conversion - ability to convert a journal to a community, but have posts made in that journal not deleted. Possibly attribute those posts to the first maintainer of the community? In DW Suggestions - related suggestion, ability to convert a closed community that has only ever had one member with posting access to a personal journal