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Everything from [info]suggestions that doesn't totally suck. (IE: anything non-obsolete, non-reactionary, and not related to details of's business plan and not LiveJournal-the-service).

(Built over time, la la la, categorize however y'all find appropriate...)

Months from [info]suggestions that have already been mined for useful suggestions:

  • None yet.
  • November '08 - ursamajor - in progress
  • October '08 - principia_coh - in progress
  • September '08 - Magycmyste - in progress


This would be fairly easy to implement if actually wanted.

Service-specific markup

  • -- List of pre-defined people and/or entities that could be linked to in a way similar to another local-service user, except this would be defined per-journal by the user, for example, <lj cast="mymom">. Link would go to sub-page belonging to user, the space defined for "mymom", where the user could provide all the relevant explanation of the person and/or entity "mymom".



  • -- Make anchor tags on the 'allpics' page so that when someone clicks on an icon associated with a post or comment for more information it takes you to that specific icon rather than putting you at the top of a page that may have almost 200 icons on it.


Account Creation

Account Deletion

Communities: Community Maintenance/Moderation

External Services


Site Schemes


  • -- enable sorting of Support requests by ones that have no response yet. Counter-suggestions include letting a volunteer tag a request as one they don't want to look at again (e.g., if it's one they know has been answered adequately).



Et cetera