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Hello! This is a wiki for keeping notes on Dreamwidth's continuing evolution. Those involved can use this wiki as a resource for discussion, communication, answers, and occasional giggles.

Some parts of the wiki might be out-of-date with current policies and practices -- if you need official confirmation of anything here, check in IRC (there's usually someone there who can tell you) or contact the appropriate project leader. When in doubt, information on official Dreamwidth Communities trumps any information here.

If you're new to Dreamwidth, check out the following:

If you have any questions or problems with the wiki, talk to User:Foxfirefey! You can email her at or check out the official community [info]dw_wiki as well -- any post or comment you make there would also be seen by her.

If you're looking for something specific in the wiki, check out Category:Index.

For Dreamwidth Users

Check out the Compatible clients page for LJ clients compatible with Dreamwidth.

And what initiative would be complete without icons, banners, buttons and macros? If you want to make your own, there's stock imagery you can use. If you make a post about Dreamwidth (see Advocacy), we are making a list of Why Dreamwidth posts.

Even if you're not interested in volunteering, here's 101 Ways to Help Dreamwidth Grow. If you like the site, consider trying some of these things.

We also have an article about Finding Content On Dreamwidth.

For Dreamwidth Volunteers

  • Category:Getting Started -- guides on how to get started working on Dreamwidth
  • Documentation -- how to write great documentation for users
  • Styles -- currently documenting the S2 style system Dreamwidth uses for journals

If you're interested in pitching in, see getting started guides.

For Dreamwidth Developers

For people installing the Dreamwidth code

We highly recommend people doing this seek assistance in IRC. We'd love to help you out. You can also post to the [info]dw_dev community for assistance.

If you're planning to install the Dreamwidth code to develop and contribute to the Dreamwidth project, you are welcome to do this -- however, if you'd rather not install it yourself, you can apply for a hosted dreamhack.