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(People Talking About Dreamwidth: filthy seditious supporter)
(People Talking About Dreamwidth: Why Dreamwidth, by Jenett)
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* [http://dreamwidth-meta.dreamwidth.org/3750.html How to be a filthy seditious Dreamwidth supporter] <dwuser>foxfirefey</dwuser>
* [http://dreamwidth-meta.dreamwidth.org/3750.html How to be a filthy seditious Dreamwidth supporter] <dwuser>foxfirefey</dwuser>
* [http://jenett.dreamwidth.org/1277338.html Why Dreamwidth?] <dwuser>jenett</dwuser>
[[Category: Dreamwidth.org]]
[[Category: Dreamwidth.org]]

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Expand: This page should link to the most important readings regarding Dreamwidth. Someone should be able to link here and assume the person being linked to can get a good understanding of the project. This can be on wiki or off wiki.


In short, Dreamwidth is best described as "a bunch of ex-LJ staffers rebooting LJ from the outside" [1].


Dreamwidth Specific Reading

General Reading

These are general articles about factors involved in running an internet business.

  • Why Monetizing Social Media Through Advertising Is Doomed To Failure: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 -- This expansive essay details the difficulties and issues surrounding monetizing social media through advertising.
  • Internet business numbers for the layperson -- What does all the money needed for an internet business go to?


Enlightening LiveJournal Meta

Sometimes in order to get a good idea of where we might be going, it's a good idea to see where we have been.

LiveJournal Culture

People Talking About Dreamwidth

Coverage on Dreamwidth from other sources.

Commentary from users.