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Right now paid community features suck compared to the paid personal journal ones. We need more community specific paid features! Especially ones that encourage large communities to pay.

  • Community email forward that goes to all the mods.
  • Contact box for all of the mods on the info page that community members could use.
  • Moderation actions log.
  • Group filters within communities. Ie, only people in that filter see and can comment on those posts. Mods can set them up and put people in them. At the VERY least, make it so that mods have a filter to post to. But I could see the filters being pretty useful in other ways--subgroups within the community. The mods would determine who was in the subgroups. This could be useful for, say, roleplaying communities.
  • Ability to see all posts/comments in the community from a particular person. SO USEFUL WHEN MODDING.
  • Paid communities could get more tags that nonpaid communities.
  • More information on users--what time a user joined the community. When their last post was, when their last comment was, total posts/comments in the community.
  • Automatic "user" tagging, that is, users all have their own tag so to speak, and you can view all the posts they have.
  • Paid communities can have just the subdomain possibly?
  • Finer grained moderation abilities in paid communities. We wanted to split this up anyway, I think. "This person can freeze comments." "This person can add/remove tags." "This person can accept members." "This person can work with the style." Smaller communities don't need this, but larger ones with multiple mods will.
  • Automatic temporary bannings. Ability to ban someone from commenting/posting for a month. These should be separate--could make someone not be able to post for a week, or not be able to comment, or both.
  • Ability to set notices for mods--notify when a certain word or comment has been posted.
  • Possibly allow mods to receive comment notifications for the whole community?
  • Allow maintainers to add an lj-cut around the entire content of an entry (but probably not edit the entry in other ways). (zilla 12)