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  • Mentioned in above suggestion and elsewhere - a bookmark that lets you pick up where you left off on your Friends page.
  • Ability to filter out certain user/tag combinations (e.g. "don't show me anything tagged of Joe's tagged rant").
  • Keyboard shortcuts to navigate back and forward through reading list entries.
  • The ability to set default view to filter out certain journals or communities on certain days or times of day (e.g. "don't show me community X on Thursdays" or "don't show me community Y during work hours").
  • Instant notification of new entries on the watchlist not with emails or similar, but: a) either a little message in the navbar that appears *without* reloading the page (so I only need to reload when I see there are new entries) b) as a clickable link that opens a new small window which checks for updates every 5 minutes or so and gives a notification if there are new ones. This prevents users from reloading the page again and again and again and does not make it necessary to track everything. Could be a paid feature. Preferably works for filters, too (so I can choose to only see when my filter x is updated). Semagic once was able to do something like this.