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#REDIRECT [[Dreamwidth Scratch Installation]]
#REDIRECT [[Dreamwidth Scratch Installation]]
These instructions will help you set up Dreamwidth on Linode hosting, brought to you by <dwuser>exor674</dwuser>.
== Ordering ==
Newark is the best choice for a node location because it has a guaranteed 64-bit host.
== Setting up a Linux Deployment ==
Click on "Deploy a Linux Distribution":
This will bring you to the Linode Distribution Wizard.
# Click on "Ubuntu 9.04 64bit"
# Enter at least "3096" as the disk image size; ideally, you can just use whatever space you have left in your account.
# Enter "256" for Swap
# Enter password, and hit "Create Profile"
{{Warn|text="The image shows selecting an outdated version of Ubuntu.  Select 9.04 instead to be up-to-date.}}
Go to the "Network" tab, and click on "Add Private IP".
And take note of the text after "eth0"--this is your node's public IP--and the text under "for manual configuration"--your private network IP.
== Getting into the node ==
Go back to the "Dashboard" tab, hit "Boot", and wait for the task to complete.
Open your SSH client and SSH to root@<i>noted eth0 address</i>, and enter your root password:
Tada!  You are now logged in and can issue commands.
== Installing from scratch ==
You can now proceed with the [[Dreamwidth Scratch Installation]] on the profile you created.
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