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*'''Weaknesses''': Never done copyediting before, but it looks interesting and I want to help!  I also don't have an awful lot of time on my hands, but I'll do what I can.
*'''Weaknesses''': Never done copyediting before, but it looks interesting and I want to help!  I also don't have an awful lot of time on my hands, but I'll do what I can.
*'''Working on''': userinfo.bml, inbox/index.bml, manage/invitecodes.bml, manage/logins.bml
*'''Working on''': userinfo.bml, inbox/index.bml, manage/invitecodes.bml, manage/logins.bml
*'''CLA''': Not signed yet
*'''CLA''': Signed

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The site copy team is now accepting applications for membership. If you want to be considered, please follow the following steps:

  • Choose a page on the site (Pages needing cleaning may be useful; add http://www.rahaeli.hack.dreamwidth.net/ to the front of each URL and log in using the username/password test/test) that you plan to update, and check that nobody else has claimed it (as we'll hopefully be using many of them, and duplicating effort is silly). Make sure it's something that has more than about three words of text.
  • Add your name to the list below.
  • Re-write the page you've chosen, from scratch. For now, just do it in a text editor, and don't worry about the site translation interface (which is what we'll be using to update the text). Pay special attention to our Manual of Style and our terminology, but within those guidelines, write the page the way you think it should be written. You can pretty much disregard existing text entirely.
  • Email your new version of the text to rho at rho@rho.me.uk, in plain text format only. Use the subject line "Dreamwidth Site Copy Team". Be aware that I may show the text to others within the Dreamwidth project, though I won't share your email address.

Anyone selected for the team who's going to have their text appear on site will have to sign a CLA.

How to add yourself

Add yourself using the following template:

  • Name: LJ username (<ljuser>username</ljuser>;) or username on this wiki ([[user:username|]])
  • Interests and strengths: Things related to either Dreamwidth or to technical writing that you are particularly strong at or interested in, and would like to work on.
  • Weaknesses: Conversely, the stuff you're not as good at and would prefer to avoid.
  • Working on: Which page you're working on for the application. Make sure that this is one that nobody else has claimed!
  • CLA: Either "signed" or "unsigned". You don't need to have signed one at this point, but if you already have done, please note it here.

List of applicants


  • Strengths/Interests:
  • Weaknesses: I like big words too much. Also, I've been trained out of using contractions in formal writing, and have to work at them.
  • Working on: htdocs/community/create.bml
  • CLA: Signed


  • Strengths/Interests: Translating geek-to-English.
  • Weaknesses: Sometimes I sound TOO formal, and we're chillax here.
  • Working on: htdocs/manage/profile
  • CLA: Unsigned
  • Note: skrshawk is my handle for most everything else.


  • Strengths/Interests:
  • Weaknesses: I used to peruse the thesaurus when I was a kid, so I find myself going for the big words when minuscule ones will do.
  • Working on: htdocs/admin/console/index.bml
  • CLA: will scan and send once I find the scanner.


  • Strengths/Interests: Detail oriented. Copy-editing.
  • Weaknesses: I can be slow and get hung up on perfection. I have a tendency to overthink and over-explain.
  • Working on: htdocs/newuser.bml
  • CLA: Unsigned


  • Strengths/Interests: Lots of experience with explaining the basics.
  • Weaknesses: No experience with wiki-like projects (but I'll only need things explained once). I'm off-line on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Working on: htdocs/styles/index.bml
  • CLA: signed, scanned, sent.


  • Strengths/Interests: lots of writing experience in a variety of styles. experience with using a spellchecker (because I can't spell).
  • Weaknesses: I like big words. I know nothing at all about this technology so there's a possibility i will introduce errors in my rewrites.
  • Working on: community/index.bml
  • CLA: Signed.


  • Strengths/Interests: Writing experience; vocabulary & grammar geek (actually, this may be a weakness);
  • Weaknesses: I like big words. Massive outside commitments (OTW, university).
  • Working on: openid/index.bml
  • CLA: Unsigned.


  • Interests and strengths: Creative Writing major at university; know some HTML (no official learning undertaken); critical proof-reader/editor (at least I believe I am).
  • Weaknesses: I have never done something like this before, however I want to learn desperately!
  • Working on: htdocs/manage/circle/index.bml
  • CLA: Unsigned


  • Interests and strengths: Experience with both technical and creative writing.
  • Weaknesses: Prone to over-using commas.
  • Working on: changepassword.bml
  • CLA: Unsigned


  • Interests and strengths: Pretty good proof-reading skills, some past experience with documentation on LJ
  • Weaknesses: Limited time (college and full-time work), nerves
  • Working on: syn/index.bml
  • CLA: Signed


  • Interests and strengths: Experience in writing user guides and making tech guides for the non-techies while still being able to write things that techies wont fall asleep over
  • Weaknesses: I don't get along with semi colons.
  • Working on: community/manage.bml
  • CLA: Unsigned


  • Interests and strengths: Have worked somewhat in documentation on LiveJournal, nothing too in depth. Know my way around the existing FAQ on LJ. I'm a fast learner, and I don't mind tedious work.
  • Weaknesses: Can be lazy and easily distracted by shiny objects.
  • Working on: Unassigned
  • CLA: Unsigned


  • Interests and strengths: Strong proofreading skills, able to write with a professional tone.
  • Weaknesses: Never done site copy work before, but I'm eager to begin. I sometimes try to explain something simple in overly complicated terms.
  • Working on: interests.bml
  • CLA: Signed


  • Interests and strengths: I kan rite goodly. Also have lots of experience on LiveJourna, both with user documentation and with support (the latter of which can sometimes help with figuring out wording that is unclear to average people)
  • Weaknesses: Perfectionism; a tendency towards formalism. Also time; I'm the primary styles documentation person, which will take a fair amount of time/energy, but I'm interested in poking around other areas (like this!) when I can.
  • Working on: allpics.bml
  • CLA: Signed


  • Strengths/Interests: Several years experience on LiveJournal. Can write fairly well (as long as it doesn't involve critical art theory ;-)).
  • Weaknesses: Never done copyediting before, but it looks interesting and I want to help! I also don't have an awful lot of time on my hands, but I'll do what I can.
  • Working on: userinfo.bml, inbox/index.bml, manage/invitecodes.bml, manage/logins.bml
  • CLA: Signed


  • Interests and strengths: I work as a programmer, so I've written up technical documentation, user documentation, system notes, and have experience at translating 'techie' to 'non-techie'. I've been on LiveJournal for six years and still going strong!
  • Weaknesses: My grammar can sometimes be a little convoluted. I believe I have a tendency to add commas in a little too often when working phrases. Also, I've never done copyediting before.
  • Working on: community/members.bml
  • CLA: As yet unsigned.


  • Interests and strengths : Experience with both technical and creative writing and editing.
  • Weaknesses: Dyslexia, plus a somewhat rocky relationship with US punctuation rules, because I'm English.
  • Working on: community/create.bml
  • CLA: Unsigned - ready to mail


  • Interests and strengths: Experience in technical and legal writing and copy-editing; formerly English and Chinese editor for tech documentation at major software multinational.
  • Weaknesses: Editing any translations, especially my own.
  • Working on: inbox/compose.bml; inbox/markspam.bml; poll/create.bml; poll/index.bml
  • CLA: Submitted.

[info]moonilicious / Moonie

  • Interests and strengths: Simple words! Which the average Dreamwidth user will hopefully appreciate. ;) Have been a LiveJournal user for 7 years, and know enough HTML and CSS to get by.
  • Weaknesses: I'm a non-native English speaker with a natural feel for the language and a sworn enemy called grammar. Also, I don't know enough about the technical side of things to explain it to anyone, am the Queen Of Typos That Spell Check Doesn't Pick Up On, and once I have something in my head I find it very difficult to break out of that frame (which I just know will cause me endless "wait, I'm supposed to reWRITE not reWORD this!" headaches).
  • Working on: (to be added soon)
  • CLA: Unsinged.


  • Interests and strengths: Explaining semi-technical concepts to people without special training is part of my day job. I also have some experience in co-writing user manuals and employee procedures.
  • Weaknesses: While my style is clear, it might be overly simplistic on occasion. I can get set on terminology used as a placeholder in a first draft, but I try not to argue about changes. I might include information in a page that's true of Livejournal but not Dreamwidth (like how to have a custom mood and still have an image attached to it), though I read the update mailing list. I have a lot of time constraints, which is why I'm starting with a page with less text.
  • Working on: moodlist.bml, manage/moodthemes.bml
  • CLA: Unsigned.