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If you're running a production site based on the DW code, let us know! This includes sites that you're running for a small group of friends or sites that have more open registration policies.

Adding your site to this list will let us contact you with any critical security or performance issues that need to be fixed immediately (security issues that don't have a considerable impact or aren't considered high-risk will continue to be handled with our usual release process), and will let us know who to talk to when we start designing more DWsite-to-DWsite interoperability features.

The format to use:

  • Site URL: where your site can be accessed
  • Site name: the name people should use when referring to your site
  • Best contact method: An email address that will reach the decision-makers for the site (if using a email-to-support category alias, please do not use a public one)
  • Open to public: Whether your site has open registration (even with invite code) or is intended for a smaller/targeted audience (aka, a group of friends, or members of another website, etc); also, whether you're ready for registration or still in the process of setting up
  • Intended audience: The focus of your site; who it's "for"

  • Site URL:
  • Site name: Dreamwidth Studios
  • Best contact method:
  • Open to public: Yes, with invite code
  • Intended audience: Any, with focus on creative folk

  • Site URL:
  • Site name: Journals
  • Best contact method:
  • Open to public:
  • Intended audience:

  • Site URL:
  • Site name: Grab
  • Best contact method:
  • Open to public: Yes
  • Intended audience: Any, preferred language – Latvian