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This is a list of keywords and phrases that, when plugged into site search, have a decent chance of turning up one or more blackhat-SEO spam journals. Some of them are more likely than others to also turn up legit journals. Be sure to evaluate a given set of search results very carefully before deciding it's spam.

If you find a keyword that turns up more than two or three spam journals, add it to the list. To avoid giving search engine cred to spammers, do not add URLs. Instead, add a phrase from the journal. If there's a particular URL that's being spammed with multiple keywords or phrases, post about it (members-locked) to [info]dw-antispam.

Members of the anti-spam team authorized to do spam suspends should just directly suspend accounts they find through keyword searches. Other users should open a support request in the "Anti-Spam" category for an anti-spam team member to investigate and suspend.