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Expand: If you have knowledge about S2 and best practices that should be considered, feel free to add them here or discuss them on the Talk:S2 Best Practices page.

S2 best practices are still being established. In the meantime, feel free to create graphic mock-ups.

Core 2

The Dreamwidth site is going to use "core2", an updated version of the core.

This version of core will better outline the wizard placement, produce well-classed CSS output, and add some additional functionality.

It is recommended that, as much as possible, styles reference functions from core instead of rewriting them. If the return/output does not meet your needs, this may be something that can be updated from core.


The propgroup and property names will be standardized.


Styles will use classes such as those brainstormed on the Dream Garden layout page

Programming style minutiae

  • four spaces for each level of indentation. No tabs