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Official Accounts

Dreamwidth has two official Twitter accounts.

  • @dreamwidth. - Posts whenever there is some sort of downtime or risk of downtime (such as code pushes). Mainly operated by Denise.
  • @dw_alerts - Is a direct feed of Nagios, the server monitoring bot that lives in IRC and pages Mark all the time. Useful for sysadmins.

Unofficial Accounts

Some Dreamwidth users have historically provided unofficial technical support and customer service on Twitter. There is no guarantee of customer service on Twitter; try Support instead.

#dreamwidth hashtag

Twitter Integration

  • At this point in time, Twitter users cannot sign in to Dreamwidth with OAuth.
  • One can arrange for a service to import one's tweets. There is no official service endorsed by Dreamwidth that does this, but there are a number of services users have used to some satisfaction. Some users use self-hosted custom scripts.
  • Twitter-import services post to one's journal using one of the following authentication methods:
    • One's password
    • A hash of one's password
    • Post-by-email (most secure)
  • Paid users may set up subscription filters that exclude certain tags of specific users from default display on the reading page -- such as a user who imports Twitter, and has a tag that they use for all such imported entries.