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[[Category: Development]]
'''NOTE: Test version of this rewrite is being stored at http://wiki.dwscoalition.org/notes/User_talk:Rb for now'''
This documents the contents of the $LJHOME development folder as checked out by <code>bootstrap.pl</code> and present on all Dreamhacks.
= bin =
Backend utilities for maintaining and upgrading the site.
Commonly used programs in this directory include:
* [[Script: checkconfig.pl|checkconfig.pl]]
* [[Script: create-users]]
* cvsreport.pl
= cgi-bin =
Code libraries that power the site.  This directory is the base of the library path--that is <code>use Net::OpenID::Consumer;</code> refers to the code in <code>cgi-bin/Net/OpenID/Consumer.pm</code>. It contains all the custom Perl libraries and functions that the code references including the <code>LJ::*</code> and <code>DW::*</code> libraries. Code in <code>*.pl</code> files in this directory are also library files but in an older style ([http://bugs.dwscoalition.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1726 bug 1726] refers to these updates).
= cvs =
Local version of the [http://hg.dwscoalition.org Mercurial repositories]. Information about use of these repositories can be found in the [[http://wiki.dwscoalition.org/notes/Dev_Initial_Programming_Notes Developers' Initial Programming Notes]].
The two Mercurial source branches you'll be using most often are <code>dw-free</code> [http://hg.dwscoalition.org/dw-free/ dw-free] and <code>dw-nonfree</code> [http://hg.dwscoalition.org/dw-nonfree/ dw-nonfree]. (When viewing the Mercurial page for each repo, the 'Manifest' link in the top menu bar will allow you to browse the source tree.)
= doc =
Unedited versions of some configuration files are stored here.
== raw ==
Docbook formatted source for the old and very much out of date docbook code for the LiveJournal server. LiveJournal's version is visible at <code>http://livejournal.com/doc/server/</code> but Dreamwidth has not generated a user-visible copy.
= etc =
Various configuration files specific to the local site, such as <code>ljconfig.pl</code>. These files are not copied to the Mercurial repositories so they can be updated without affecting other running installations.
= htdocs =
User-facing [[BML]] pages, with the directory structure used on the main website. That is to say, anything that appears at <code>http://www.dreamwidth.org/filename.bml</code> will be here, as <code>htdocs/filename.bml</code>; anything at <code>http://www.dreamwidth.org/directory/filename.bml</code> will be here as <code>htdocs/directory/filename.bml</code>, etc.
= logs =
Some of the Dreamwidth sub-systems keep log files here, including the journal importer.
= schemes =
[[Template Toolkit]] (<code>*.tt</code>) files for generating the site schemes used on Dreamwidth.
= src =
TODO: Check this
Source code for some of the packages the code uses.  Perhaps this is the folder that comes with the distribution and <code>cvs</code> is checked out from the other repositories?  Does not contain all of the ones in <code>cvs</code> though.
= ssldocs =
[[BML]] pages that are transmitted over SSL instead of being unencrypted (regular files live in <code>htdocs</code>). This includes the shop and the admin tools, amongst other things.
= t =
Tests that use the testing framework in main/test.  See [[Dev Testing]] for how to use them.
= temp =
TODO: Probably used for temporary file storage, but what temporary files?
= test =
TODO: What's this?
= [[Main development folder/views|views]] =
[[Template Toolkit]] files which are gradually replacing the BML files.  The controllers for the templates are in <tt>cgi-bin/DW/Controller/</tt>.

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