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* Strengths/Interests:
* Strengths/Interests:
* Weaknesses:  
* Weaknesses:  
* CLA: '''Not signed'''
* CLA: signed

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The userdoc team!

Note that we're not currently recruiting, but if you're interested in possible future documentation work, you should subscribe to the dw-docs mailing list.


  • Leader
  • Strengths/Interests: Feeds, about us, happy with most things really.
  • Weaknesses: Icons, styles.
  • Working on: Your Account FAQ category, "About Us" guide
  • CLA: signed


  • Partner: [info]pauamma
  • Strengths/Interests:
  • Weaknesses:
  • CLA: signed


  • Partner: [info]batdina
  • Strengths/Interests: if I don't know how something works, I'll hit until it confesses.
  • Weaknesses: Low attention span, episodic reluctance to eschew obfuscation.
  • Working on: "About Us" FAQ category
  • CLA: signed


  • Partner: [info]livredor
  • Strengths/Interests: Willing to hit something until it either works or breaks. Making DW more user-friendly for the non-technical user.
  • Weaknesses: S2
  • Working on: "Entries" FAQ category
  • CLA: Signed
  • forthwritten on the DW test server


  • Partner: [info]forthwritten
  • Strengths/Interests: Very familiar with LJ, especially S2. Beginners' guides with every step detailed. Encyclopaedic memory.
  • Weaknesses: Highly technical stuff. Anything outside the standard Windows / Firefox setup. Brevity...
  • Working on: "Comments" FAQ category, guide for beginners
  • CLA: signed


  • Partner: [info]snakeling
  • Strengths/Interests: Syn, general/accounts/site features/site nav stuff (going from the current categories on LJ)
  • Weaknesses: Anything styles/custy.
  • Working on: "Your profile" FAQ category, guide to privacy and security
  • CLA: signed


  • Partner: [info]gerg
  • Strengths/Interests: S2, pretty much everything.
  • Weaknesses: Abuse. And I suspect I'm going to give too much detail in the first draft.
  • Working on: "Relationships" FAQ category and guide
  • CLA: signed


  • Partner: none; working closely with styles people
  • Strengths/Interests: I'm happy with pretty much anything
  • Weaknesses: I tend towards giving Lots Of Information and needing to explain rather than describe. (Though I can be prodded into being brief *G*)
  • Working on: Styles FAQ category and guide
  • CLA: signed


  • Partner: [info]ursamajor
  • Strengths/Interests: translating 'geek speak' into 'user speak', creating canned responses, customer service style language, editing for clarity and brevity, formerly on LJ's Abuse Team.
  • Weaknesses: lots, too many to name, but can be taught.
  • Working on: Communities guide, communities FAQ categories
  • Dreamwidth Home: ~mac
  • CLA: Not signed


  • Partner: [info]machineplay
  • Strengths/Interests:
  • Weaknesses:
  • Working on: Communities FAQ categories, difference to LJ guide
  • CLA: Not signed