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* posting privately or to filters (although the basic creation of the filters is more G/unk).
* posting privately or to filters (although the basic creation of the filters is more G/unk).
=== Styles (styles ===
=== Styles (styles) ===
styles-related problems
styles-related problems
* anything to do with selecting a new style
* anything to do with selecting a new style
* modifying that style
* modifying that style

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A rough guide to categories for support on Dreamwidth, brought to you by [info]zarhooie, [info]domtheknight and [info]chemicallace.

There are two types of categories: public and private. Public categories can be seen by anyone visiting the site, and any logged-in user is able to post a screened answer to the questions. Private categories are restricted to certain users with the applicable privs; only very specific people can see the requests at all, since they often contain sensitive information which might not be suitable for the public.

Public categories

In general, you should pick the cat which best fits the majority of the request, if there's more than one issue. If necessary, it's fine to switch cats midway through interacting with the user; maybe an answer you give for the Importer will bring up more questions which are really Entries related. There are people with privs in just one or two cats so moving requests does have an effect on who can approve answers or see discussion.

General/Unknown (g/unk)

catch-all for stuff which just doesn't fit anywhere else. You'd want to use this if it's something which doesn't fit any of the more specialized options.

  • anything feed-related
  • creating an account help
  • OpenID issues
  • things of which you are unsure of their proper location
  • If you are not sure if something is a bug or suggestion, put in in G/unk for more in-depth investigation and sorting.
  • If you do know something is a bug, you can also dump it here for filing by Support members.

Communities (comms

things specific to community use

  • moderation queue
  • managing members
  • Can overlap with styles and entries; try to determine if the issue is caused by a community or if it's a more general issue which just happens to apply to the community in this case. Example: if someone can't post an entry to a community but can post personal entries, that's a community issue. However, if the problem is more with html in the entry, which would happen in any entry, then it's an entries problem and not a comms problem.

Entries (entries)

entries-related problems

  • html encoding problems
  • the RTE
  • posting privately or to filters (although the basic creation of the filters is more G/unk).

Styles (styles)

styles-related problems

  • anything to do with selecting a new style
  • modifying that style
  • using custom CSS.

Site Interface (web)

things for site display. If you are able to change the summary of a request that falls in this cat, mark it [docs].

  • problems with the site scheme
  • site copy and FAQ updates

Importer (import)

importer-related problems, issues and questions.

Crossposting (crossposting)

crossposter-related problems, issues and questions.

Private categories

For all the private cats, it's not necessary to tell the user anything before you move it; just move it and let the specialized staff investigate and answer.

Peterstein (private support)

support@dreamwidth.org to open a req

  • anything which involves personal information but does not fall under the purview of any of the other private categories.
  • Password issues can go here if needed.
  • If user wants more invite codes issued to them or is requesting an invite code in a request, it goes to Peterstein. If a non-user is asking for an invite code for themself outside of a request, send them to dw_codesharing.
  • Dead people (reports of the death of a Dreamwidth user)

Feedback (feedback)

feedback@dreamwidth.org to open a req

  • Feedback!

Terms of Service (abuse, ToS)

abuse@dreamwidth.org to open a req

  • anything which will require Terms of Service Team investigation should get moved here
  • reports of a user who is possibly in danger (suicide or similar). Also get in touch with a staff member in IRC as soon as possible.
  • reports of violations of the Terms of Service
  • user-to-user interaction
  • people registering complaints about each other
  • any request that explicitly names another user in a negative light

Account Payments (accounts)

accounts@dreamwidth.org to open a req

  • anything about payments goes here
  • requests for large numbers of invite codes for things like moving an RP to Dreamwidth.
  • Non-spam business propositions. ("Would you like to buy some V1@gr@?" is spam; "Are you in the market for new hosting? If so, would you like to use our fine establishment?" is probably not.)

Webmaster (webmaster)

webmaster@dreamwidth.org to open a req

  • for spam that has been sent to the support board (a request of "would you like to buy V1@gr@?" is spam that has been sent to the support board. "This user is spamming me!" is not spam.)
  • to handle spam, dequeue and place in Webmaster



Requests for a new feature

  • If the feature exists, G/unk
  • If the feature does not exist, but a bug exists, G/unk and tell the user we're working on it.
  • If the feature does not exist, but a suggestion exists, point to suggestion.
  • If the feature does not exist, and neither a bug or a suggestions exists, suggestions time.


  • Non-users wanting codes in comments elsewhere on the site
  • Non-users wanting codes offsite

Users who would like more codes, or someone opening a request, send to Peterstein.