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Please see [info]dw_wiki for wiki project posts!

General Tasks

If you're new to Wikis you might want to go to Wiki Getting Started.

These are general maintenance tasks that need to be regularly checked up on, to make sure everything is running smoothly. If you don't know what to do, or don't have much time, this is a good place to start. Every little bit helps!

Don't forget when editing to follow the style guide.


Please check the Talk Page for this information, as it was outdated.

Specific Tasks

A specific task is a single, one-time item to do (unlike general tasks, which are ongoing). If you've decided to take on one of these tasks, please claim it by moving it to the Assigned section below and signing your name after it (using --~~~~).

  • Look at everybody on the Who page. If they have a wiki account and are okay with it being linked to that info, copy their info to their Wiki user page.
  • Make a guide to using for aspiring style makers.
  • Add a page on how to use the wiki to the help center. Things like proper uses of the talk page, who to talk to if you see spam, team status is given to anyone we recognize that makes useful edits, etc.
  • Make sure major categories have helpful preambles explaining what is in them and highlighting the important pages.
  • Review and update all Category:Getting Started guides.
  • If there are pages that have been migrated to documentation, make sure the docs have all the needed info and link to them instead.
  • Rehaul the front page to be less "what is DW" and more helpful.
  • Review LJ's server documentation and start migrating it to the wiki and updating it.


These tasks are the responsibility of the given people:

  • None!

Bureaucrat Tasks

Tasks that bureaucrats can do. (See Special:ListGroupRights for the definition of a bureaucrat, and Special:ListUsers to see if you have these capabilities.)

  • Use the Special:UserRights page to give any people on Special:ListUsers not in team that do NOT look like they have random spammer names access to the team set of user rights, which will let them skip the captcha.

Sysop Tasks

Tasks that sysops can do. (See Special:ListGroupRights for the definition of a sysop, and Special:ListUsers to see if you have these capabilities.)

  • None!

Admin Tasks

These are tasks that [info]foxfirefey needs to do.

  • Consider any benefits in adding SemanticMediaWiki: is it more trouble than it is worth or would it be put to good purpose?
  • Export database/code weekly to desktop.