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Though this wiki is not officially part of the Dreamwidth project, the Dreamwidth staff is using it to coordinate pre-release documentation, and the documentation created and edited here may prove useful in the future (both for end-user documentation on dreamwidth.org, and as part of the Dreamwidth Code package for release to others).

By adding text to this wiki, you are granting Dreamwidth Studios, LLC a permanent and non-exclusive license to use your content, and to release it under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 (United States) License with Dreamwidth Studios, LLC as the entity for attribution. You represent that, by making edits to this wiki, you possess the rights necessary to make this license, and any text you contribute may be used in Dreamwidth Studios, LLC's documentation at its sole discretion.

For any questions regarding the licensing of Dreamwidth documentation, you can contact Denise at denise@dwscoalition.org.