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Account levels, costs, capabilities, and limits (as currently planned) for

To get an account, you either need to have an invite or get a paid account for a period of time (the minimum being $3 for one month of paid, after which your account would revert back to a free account).

Free user


  • Userpics: 6
  • Inbox notifications: 25
  • Recent comments view: 10
  • Maximum subscribed limit: 1000
  • Maximum access grant limit: 1000
  • Links in Links List: 10
  • Tags in journal: 1000
  • Can use site directory search
  • Can create new feeds

Free Account Cost

Free! No ads. Need an invite to get in.


  • Userpics: 75
  • Inbox notifications: 500
  • Recent comments view: 100
  • Maximum subscribed limit: 1500
  • Maximum access grant limit: 1500
  • Links in Links List: 50
  • Tags in journal: 1500
  • Can forward your domain to your journal
  • Can edit your own comments
  • Can post via email
  • Can use the 'Find Similar Users' feature
  • Can use the Network page feature
  • Can use the 'Popular in your Network' feature
  • Can get emailed copies of your own comments
  • Can use polls
  • Can use the mass-privacy-level generator to change the security of multiple entries
  • Can create mood themes
  • Can view your journal entries by post security level
  • Can receive text messages
  • Can get notification when people unwatch/untrust you
  • Can get notification when people vote in your polls
  • Can get notifications when your watched users upload new userpics
  • Can have an forwarding email address
  • Can ping on posting

First six months of DW running, to account for bumpiness in growth and bug fixing:

  • $25/year
  • $13/6 months
  • $5/2 months
  • $3/month

After six months:

  • $35/year
  • $17.50/6 months
  • $6/2 months
  • $3/month

Premium Paid/Seed Account/Staff Account

Seed accounts will be sold starting at open launch and are not planned to be sold again. They will help fund the first year of operations and moving into a colo. Staff accounts are only available to Dreamwidth staff acting in official capacities. Premium Paid accounts will always be offered.


  • All features available to Paid accounts
  • Userpics: 150
  • Inbox notifications: 1000
  • Recent comments view: 150
  • Maximum subscribed limit: 2000
  • Maximum access grant limit: 2000
  • Links in Links List: 100
  • Tags in journal: 2000

Premium Account Cost

First six months of DW running, to account for bumpiness in growth and bug fixing:

  • $40/year
  • $20/6 months

After six months:

  • $50/year
  • $25/6 months

Seed Account Cost

Selling 400 of these as a one time purchase at site launch until they run out:

  • $200, one-time