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Note: Very brief outline sketch, plz don't link yet.

Spreading the word about Dreamwidth is a fabulous way to help the project as we get closer and closer to open beta! We'll have explanations of the project's philosophy and ideology by the time we launch in open beta, but in the meantime, here are some guidelines and talking points for those who are looking to be part of the Dreamwidth "street team":

What to emphasize:

  • fork not clone
  • ongoing feature development
  • transparency in operations
  • designed by active users
  • built by volunteerism
  • real people, real voices
  • no advertising, anti-Web 2.0-profiteering

What not to do:

  • don't push; DW is not the answer for everyone, and we're okay with that
  • don't overpromise; we must be careful to manage expectations
  • don't dichotomize; DW/LJ is not an either/or choice
  • don't spread misinformation; always verify first

What to link:

  • roundup of information
  • icons & banners
  • mailing lists
  • how to help