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Dreamhack is a service that provides users with working environments, currently hosted by volunteers, with everything you need to get started already set up for you.

This service is currently run by [info]Sophie.

If you're interested in helping out with Dreamwidth development but have not a clue what you're doing, you can join the #dw_kindergarten channel on IRC.

Information on getting set up once you have a Dreamhack can be found at Beginning dev checklist.

Dreamhack Configuration

When you first receive your Dreamhack, it's set up for you automatically with the correct database settings. However, if your configuration gets wiped out or otherwise overwritten, you might need to redo your database settings as follows:

  • Your database username (known as user in the %DBINFO hash) is the name in the URL you use for your Dreamhack, prefixed by "dh_" - so, for example, "dh_sophie" for http://www.sophie.hack.dreamwidth.net/ . (notice that this uses an underscore rather than a hyphen as the SSH username does)
  • Your database password (known as pass in the %DBINFO hash) is the password you received in your initial email. Note that this is not your SSH password; although the passwords are set to the same thing initially, changing your SSH password will not change your database password.
  • Your database name (known as dbname in the %DBINFO hash) is like your username, but instead of "dh_", you use "dreamhack_". So, for the example above, the database name is "dreamhack_sophie".

Dreamhack re-install

If you want to wipe out your dreamhack and start over on purpose, type this,

echo reinstall > /dreamhack/var/maintain.d/$$

It will take a few minutes for the install and setup to finish, and you should get a new notification email.