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* The channel is: [irc://irc.dreamwidth.org/#dw #dw].  
* The channel is: [irc://irc.dreamwidth.org/#dw #dw].  
* If you need more information on how this all works, see [[IRC help]].
* If you need more information on how this all works, see [[IRC help]].
* There is a list of channel logs [http://linode2.andreanall.com/~anall/%23dw/ here].
* [http://qdb.zhzh.org/dw/ IRC quote database]
* [http://qdb.zhzh.org/dw/ IRC quote database]

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Infobot: Figment

There is a DW-specific infobot in the channel named Figment; the commands to use him are:

infobot, <x> is <y>
This is how you ask Figment to remember a factoid <x>. For example, you might say:
infobot, wiki is http://wiki.dwscoalition.org/notes/
which would ask him to remember that the factoid "wiki" was the URL to Dreamwidth's development wiki. This command works only in PM. You can ask him to recall a factoid with the command below.
infobot, <x>
This asks Figment to recall a factoid that was previously remembered. You can use this in channel or in PM.
infobot, no, <x> is <y>
If Figment already knows a factoid when you try to ask him to remember one, he'll tell you that he already knows it and he won't remember the new definition. This command tells him to change the factoid to the new definition anyway. This command works only in PM.
infobot, forget <x>
This asks Figment to forget the factoid <x>. This command works only in PM.

Hell bot

You can feed items to hell. When an item is fed to hell, hell will most likely spew out random items it has consumed.

feed <x> to hell
/me feeds <x> to hell
This feeds an item to Hell. Hell will probably at this point in time spew out one or two (or occasionally, more) items it has been holding. It may also burp and not expel anything new.
(Hell recognises a number of synonyms for "feed". The current list is "feed", "send", "damn", "punt", "toss", "smite", "condemn", "hurl", "throw" and "kick". These can also be used in their equivalent form as part of a /me - for example, "/me damns <x> to hell".)
hell, tally
This tells you how many items hell is currently holding.

The rumor that hell is sentient is just that: a rumor. Really. We swear. ...We hope.