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This page lists accessibility software that Dreamwidth should be able to interact with.


Product OS Notes
FireVox Firefox addon
JAWS Windows No demonstration version available for testing, but the most widely used screen reader.
nVDA Windows Open source.
Orca Linux/GNOME
SA to go Windows Free service.
supernova Windows
VoiceOver Mac OSX
Window-Eyes Windows 30-minute timed demonstration available for testing.


Product OS Notes
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Windows
Dragon Dictate Mac OSX
Windows Speech Recognition Windows Vista/Windows 7 Built into the OS.

Other tools

Product OS Purpose
Firefox Accessibility Extension Firefox addon Although very useful for developers, this is also useful for people using adaptive technology, and to give them greater control over what Firefox offers in terms of access keys, etc.
Mouseless Browsing Firefox addon Adds numbers next to all links to make them keyboard accessible.
Webvisum Firefox addon Makes Firefox more fully functioned for people using screen readers. Automated captcha solving, OCR character recognition of image-only text links so they can be read aloud, and the ability for end-users to label unlabel fields for later read aloud.
ZoomText Windows Blows up the text on the screen for people with limited vision.