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Dreamwidth has a few workflows for submitting items to Github Issues. The ideal workflow to use depends on the exact situation.


Dreamwidth solicits a wide range of user opinions on many proposed changes before approving an item for implementation. A relatively small percentage of the active user population of Dreamwidth is comfortable using Github Issues, compared to the users who follow the [info]dw_suggestions community.

See: Suggestions Process

The following types of changes are particularly likely to be referred to the whole user community (not just staff, contractors, and developers) for discussion:

New Feature
An entirely new feature that does not currently exist.
Changes to improve an existing feature.
Preferred Implementation
Some new features, enhancements, and outright bug fixes require a decision about how best to do it out of two or more possible ways. The [info]dw_suggestions participants can also provide feedback for this.


  • Something that is broken (not functioning as designed).
  • Something that is broken-as-designed (is functioning as designed, but how it is designed is bad), and the fix is unambiguous and does not require community discussion. (Example: a site image that lacks an alt tag and really needs one.)
  • Straightforward items that do not require community discussion.

See: Bug Report Workflow (Support) and Github Issues/Git How To (for developers)