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This box was added on May 31, 2019.

Our Bugzilla instance is not currently in use. As of April 2014, the issues tracker is detailed in dw_dev and at Github Issues.


Bugzilla workflow explains our process in-depth.

Accessing Your Saved Searches

You can save searches by using the "Remember Search" form at the bottom of any search page. You can edit your saved searches on the appropriate panel of your preferences, including whether or not links to the saved searches show in your bottom footer. You can also find searches others have publicly saved there that you can also add to your bottom footer.

By default, there will be one search called "My Bugs" that will show you bugs you have reported or been assigned to.

Useful Searches

Here are a list of useful searches. You can try saving them into your Bugzilla account, so you can access them easily:




Set up whining

You can have Bugzilla automatically email you the results of a bug query at regular intervals. This is called "whining", and you can set it up here.