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In case you wanted to know about cldversion 4:

2011 Oct 12/13, GMT -7
[23:33] <Afuna> V_PauAmma_V: Why do we use cldversion 4 for new userprops we add?
[23:34] <Afuna> (home in about 10 hours! airport ATM)
[23:34] <exor674> I don't think anything ever actually checks that
[23:36] <Afuna> hee ok

[00:10] <xb95> hee hee cldversion
[00:11] <xb95> cldversion is supposed to indicate which dversion that prop was 
clustered in
[00:11] <xb95> dversion 4 was the big migration from the global property table to
 the clustered property tables
[00:11] <xb95> after dversion 4, I don't think we ever had to migrate a global
 prop to become clustered
[00:11] <xb95> but in theory, if you had to move, say, s2style from the global 
list and make it clustered, you would have to roll a new dversion
[00:12] <xb95> then you'd set cldversion = $new_dversion
[00:12] <xb95> and the system should understand that if a user is on 
dversion < $new_dversion, that prop is global, else, it's clustered
[00:12] <xb95> in reality, I think that code has probably bitrotted pretty badly 
and is non-existant now
[00:12] <xb95> this has been your history lesson of the day!

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