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Features or code from the ljcom/ljcomint repositories that need to be clean-room engineered by someone who hasn't seen the code.

If you are interested in doing clean-room code engineering, please do not view the publicly-available ljcom repository. It is source-available, not Open Source. We will not accept patches to replicate ljcom functionality from anyone who cannot sign an affidavit that they have not viewed the available source.

  • voicepost
  • admin/abuse
  • vgifts
  • fdata.bml
  • admin/accounts
  • loyalty userpics
  • admin/sendmail (especially in spamreports omg)
  • impersonate
  • TxtLJ
  • backup.bml
  • ability to block comments with certain URLs/text (antispam)
  • sysban (!!!!) (okay, not as critical: just the UI is ljcomint, the functionality is livejournal)