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It's dangerous to go alone. Here, take this:

from #dreamwidth-dev, 2015 August 19th, more or less:

12:09 PM <p`monas> If I were to undertake something like allow-anon-commenters-to-supply-nicks, is there a good mechanism for collaborating on it?
12:09 PM <wychwood> as in, working on it with other devs?
12:09 PM <p`monas> that is, *before* getting something that's in a state to make a PR
12:09 PM <p`monas> yes
12:10 PM * wychwood remembers oh yes REBUILD THE DB AGAIN
12:10 PM <wychwood> i dunno - presumably github would allow you to do it
12:10 PM <wychwood> ?
12:10 PM <wychwood> could you create a branch and have other coders fork that from your repository
12:10 PM <wychwood> and push bits of code back and forth?
12:12 PM <p`monas> there's got to be a way like that to do it, cos that's what most software dev looks like
12:13 PM <sgsabbage> yeah, you should be able to - not sure github specifically has a mechanism, but you can set up the other person's fork as a separate remote in your local repository and pull from it when you want
12:17 PM <sgsabbage> example here:
12:19 PM <p`monas> ah, cool
12:19 PM <p`monas> thanks
12:20 PM <sgsabbage> no problem - it doesn't seem to be an easy couple of button presses in github, but yeah, should be doable