Conversion Guide: Flexible Squares

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This is meant to serve as a rough guide for people seeking to try and translate Flexible Squares based CSS to Core2 CSS.

Main Content

FS .headerimage = ? -- Not sure if there is an equivalent for this, but one could be added in a layout layer.


FS div#content-outer = C2 div#canvas
FS div#content = C2 div#canvas.inner
FS div#header = C2 div#header
FS div.title = C2 h1#title
FS div.subtitle = C2 h2#subtitle
? = h2#pagetitle 

It looks like in Flexible Squares, the equivalent information for h2#pagetitle in is their footer that contains the page navigation.


Note: in Flexible Squares, the sidebar comes before the content. This may prove to be a problem.

FF div#sidebar = C2 div#secondary
Expand: Add modules.

Primary content

Note: in Flexible Squares, the main content comes after the sidebar. This may prove to be a problem.

FF div#maincontent = C2 div#primary


These are all in FF div#maincontent / C2 div#primary.

FF .subcontent = C2 .entry-wrapper

Or, depending on the desired effect:

FF .subcontent = C2 .entry
FF div.userpicfriends =
FF div.datesubject = 
FF = 
FF div.subject =
FF div.entry = C2 div.entry div.contents
FF div.entry div.entry_text = C2 div.entry div.contents div.entry-content
FF div.separator = 
FF div.clear =


Note: in Flexible Squares, the footer contains the navigation.

div#footer = div.navigation.bottomnav