Dev Wanted How-To

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Companion to Installation Wanted How-To.

  • Applying a patch
  • Keep on adding to Dev Troubleshooting.
  • Coding site schemes
  • How to add things to the database -- kind of exists at Adding and Removing Database Tables, but this needs making discoverable
  • How to get information from the database
  • How to make a hook
  • How to make a worker
  • Where does the code for certain things reside?
  • The basics of working with BML pages
  • S2 Best Practices
  • When developing features, what should a developer consider in their design to make things NOT expensive, reduce database load, etc.
  • Best practices for user interface design
  • Things you should NEVER hardcode
  • How to localize a page
  • Variables you should know about
  • How do you update the database's schema?
  • What is the database's schema?