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Antispam is one of the more out-of-the-way corners of Dreamwidth development.

Antispam Privs

In order to even see what's in the spam-handling pages, your dreamhack's basic-antispam user will need privs.

The syntax to grant the necessary privs on the console is: priv grant siteadmin:spamreports,sysban:talk_ip_test username

Antispam Pages

The antispam pages are located at

Antispam users also use sometimes.

Antispam users have access to the sysban management page but don't often go there now.

Antispam Roles

The following roles, roughly, touch antispam stuff:

  • Site Admin - top of the priv chain of trust; manages large-scale sysbans. privs: admin:*
  • Terms of Service - courtesy antispam privs, can suspend
  • Antispam Lead - can grant antispam privs to new spamwhackers, can suspend OpenID accounts, can suspend regular accounts, has finduser email.
  • Basic Antispam User - can sysban:talk_ip_test, can view spam reports, can close spam reports.

If you're testing to make sure nothing has broken, you probably will want users with these sets of privs. (to do: add actual privs list for each role.)

Working with Antispam

Antispam is thrilled to help out the developers who are helping them!