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Documentation tasks that need doing!


  • Expand User Icons FAQ category -- [info]batdina
  • Add expanding comments to the list on FAQ 4
  • Add a "how do I leave a community" FAQ
  • Add number of tags available to different account levels to FAQ 23
  • Create new FAQ for how much paid accounts cost, split out this info from FAQ 4, and link to the new one from there instead.
  • Document custom comment pages as per [1]


  • Relationships Guide -- [info]snakeling
  • Newbie Guide -- [info]liv
  • Feeds Guide
  • Communities Guide
  • Icons Guide

Site Copy

  • create.bml needs a "would you like to create a community instead" option
  • Clarify the "mutual" options at the bottom of the manage profile page to be less confusing.
  • Expand on the OpenID page to try to be less confusing [2]
  • Redo OpenID registration landing page as per [3]

Copy Editing

Pushing Live