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For designers who intend to create alternate site schemes for Dreamwidth, this is the menu system that should be used. This is based on the results of our card sort tests; this is the organization system that had over 85% agreement among takers of the sort. We'll likely change the actual order that items appear in these menus before launch, but these are the items you should use; no matter what your site scheme itself looks like, it should follow these organizations.

Note for coders: You don't need to worry about the contents of the menus.. When you want the menu, simply use the <?menunav?> tag in the sitescheme, and the appropriate menu will be output as a nested list with appropriate tags that you can use to style it.

Logged-out menus

  • Create
    • Create Account
  • Explore
    • Directory Search
    • FAQ

Logged-in menus

Current as of 2/18/09.

  • Create
    • Update Journal (/update.bml)
    • Edit Journal (/editjournal.bml)
    • Edit Profile (/manage/profile/)
    • Upload Userpics (/editpics.bml
    • Create Community (/community/create.bml)
  • Organize
    • Manage Account (/manage/settings)
    • Manage Circle (/manage/circle/edit.bml)
    • Manage Filters (/manage/circle/editgroups.bml)
    • Manage Tags (/manage/tags.bml)
    • Select Style (/customize/)
    • Customize Style (/customize/options.bml)
  • Read
    • Reading Page (username.dreamwidth.org/read/)
    • Syndicated Feeds (/syn)
    • Tags (username.dreamwidth.org/tag/)
    • Recent Comments (tools/recent_comments.bml)
    • Inbox (/inbox)
  • Explore
    • Directory Search (/directorysearch.bml)
    • FAQ (/support/faq.bml)

Other links

The options highlighted in some top-level way, outside of the menus, should be:

  • Post (update.bml)
  • Reading Page (username.dreamwidth.org/read)
  • Inbox (/inbox)
  • Account (/manage/settings/)
  • Invite a Friend (/manage/circle/invite.bml)
  • Help (/support)