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Latest posts page

The Latest Things page shows the latest public posts made on Dreamwidth.

Follow Friday

Some people participate in a tradition originating from Twitter where on Fridays they recommend. You can find recommendations in this community:


Or on the Follow Friday tag on the latest page.

Friend finding meme

[info]liv has posted a Giant non-fandom friending meme here, with many people participating.

Interest search

You can browse people with a given interest using the interest page, which orders results by the users who have most recently updated.

Community search

You can use the Community Search page to find communities with certain characteristics, ordered by the most recently updated.

Directory Search

You can use the Directory Search page to find users with certain characteristics, ordered by the most recently updated.

Site wide search

You can use the Site Search page to search publicly available posts from users on Dreamwidth for a given term.

Community promo

In the [info]dw_community_promo, people promote communities on Dreamwidth that they would like people to join and be active in.

Random journals and communities

Dreamwidth has pages that will forward you to a random active journal or community on the service:

The following features, due to the resources they take up on the server, are only available to paid users.

Network page

Your network page is like your reading page, except instead of journals, communities, and feeds you're subscribing to, it shows you the journals, communities, and feeds your circle subscribes to. While it's available in many styles in the navigation links, you can find it at:

You can filter it to only show personal journals, communities, or feeds using the nav strip.

Similar interests

Find people with interests similar to you or someone else on the interest page -- find the part that says "Find people or communities with interests similar to those of:", and enter the username you wish to find people with similar interests for.

Popular with your circle

The popular with circle page will show you journals, communities, and feeds that are popular with your circle. You can specify which aspect of your circle to use for this--subscriptions, access, or a combination of both.