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Welcome to iDream, a Mac OS X client written exclusively for use with the Dreamwidth online journal system. This page is a place for collecting feature suggestions and requests. Feel free to add to it.

Suggestions & Feature Requests

  • music detection
  • community posting
  • ability to choose icon
  • support for moods other then default
  • support for custom access groups
  • work offline/saving posts locally
  • both WYSIWYG and HTML editing
  • ability to make local backups of online content
  • Notification of reading page update (audio, visual, notification box)
  • Notification of reading/friends page updates across multiple services (bell and/or whistle)
  • ability to load and hint tags
  • one-step crossposting with other services
  • mutual links between crossposted entries
  • Flickr/Picasa/other image hosting service embedder

Contributing to the Client Project

If you are interested in contributing to the iDream project, please contact Joel Owens at [email protected].