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  • -- (as clarified in comments) move advertisements to a bar similar to the nav bar, so that while they appear for the appropriate users, they do not interfere with journal layouts. - though DW will be operating without ads of that sort - do we mean internal promotions? (striking this off, as we won't ever have ads ever ever. --Rahaeli 02:35, 12 February 2009 (UTC))
  • - Links that caused unsaved editing of posts should open in a new window and/or posts should be autosaved or users should be prompted to save before navigating away from the editing page. Help page should always open in a new window.
  • To be able to view all journals and communities except my own in ?format=light.
  • When logged out accidentally and prompted to log in again, to be returned to the same page I was on previously, not redirected to the welcome page.
  • 'hide post' feature replaces a post on your watch list with a link to the post; analogous to an LJ-cut, but the reader does it, not the writer. As clarified in comments, ability to view all posts hidden using that feature, e.g. ?show=onlyhidden
  • - force style=mine on all individual entries, but not on all journals - option to view all comment pages in your own style, but not necessarily the top-level journals and communities themselves, saving important features of their layout for view.