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Adding a new layout

Layouts are edited here:

The information to find for new layouts is here:

Click the "Add DW layout +" button to go to the form to make a new layout.

  • The name is the name of the layout, aka Abstractia.
  • Check the official box, this is probably an official theme.
  • The description should be a text description of what the layout is like.
  • Properties: these can be mostly gleaned from what's available in the customization area or how the layout presents. dw-free is for styles in the open source side, dw-nonfree for DW specific ones.
  • Date added is when the layout was first committed to the repository--can find this out in Github Issues.
  • Example theme: can only fill this in after a theme is added; it will be the one that shows up in the layout list.

The codelink is this, and the sysid is the id number in the url:

The browserlink is the one you can find from the layerbrowse, and the labelid is id in the url:

Codename is pretty much going to be the basename of the layout, lowercase.

Adding a new theme

You can get to the theme info by clicking on the [# children...] link under the layout name here:

Go to the layerbrowser for the theme you want. Example page:

Use this information to add in a new theme entry in this admin section (make sure one doesn't already exist):

  • Layout -- select an existing layout this theme belongs to
  • Name -- the name of the layout
  • Check the official box, this is probably an official theme.
  • The description should be a text description of what the theme is like.
  • Date added is when it got committed
  • Thumbnail -- you will want to download the thumbnail from the style selection page and upload it here
  • Properties -- which properties does this theme display (Note: high contrast/low contrast
  • Codelink, sysid, labelid, and browserlink are as described up in the layout adding section

Then to enter in the colors automatically go to the Raw Source Code and copy the contents, go here and paste them in:

You might have to go through and adjust which colors are "accents" or "features" (large predominant color swaths). Notable: Abstractia, since the background colors are in the image, won't generally have feature colors of black, but will of some other color. You can have it calculate the contrast of the entry text vs background automatically by using the Set light/dark contrast action in the Action menu and using Go while the theme in question is selected by checkbox (easy to find using the search box):