Mounting server directories under Linux

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Mostly taken straight from the Mac equivalent page.

This will let you mount a directory on your computer so you can transparently browse, edit, and save files on a server. Basically, it makes the files on the server a part of your filesystem while you are connected. Opening and saving things will be slower than native files, but not too horrible if you have a decent internet connection speed. You also probably wouldn't want to run any scripts from these directories natively, either, as they are unlikely to work properly. These instructions are for Ubuntu, but should be easily translatable.

Install sshfs

sudo apt-get install sshfs

or whatever your equivalent method is - you can use any command-line or GUI package manager.


Make a local directory to mount to:

mkdir dw

(This only needs to be done the first time; the directory will be there even when sshfs is not in use, although it will be empty.)

Then mount your Dreamhack to that directory:

sshfs  dw -oauto_cache,reconnect

You will need to replace "dh-user" with your actual Dreamhack username, of course. This should prompt for your password. Once you have successfully connected, you should be able to access the files through the directory you mounted to, as if they were on your own computer (...but slower).


To disconnect, you can use the command:

fusermount -u dw