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Plans to support the Network News Transfer Protocol on Dreamwidth have been abandoned.


What is a news reader? [info]sophie: Dreamwidth and NNTP


This change would allow users who already use and prefer newsreaders to read entries and comments on Dreamwidth through their favorite client, and is projected to have little to no impact on users who prefer the web interface or other clients.

It might also help users who are subject to spotty internet access (especially helpful when paired with something like Leafnode), or spotty web access (such as users whose web browsing is subject to filtering with rulesets not under their control) but whose access on access on port 119 is unrestricted.

Official Discussion

November 12, 2010 news entry discussing whether to implement patch that would allow NNTP access to Dreamwidth.

Bug 2415 - Add support for NNTP access to Dreamwidth

What to Use

(when it becomes available)

Dreamwidth is a primarily text-based medium, although users do embed images, videos, and other objects in their entries. The wikipedia List of Usenet newsreaders defines several types of newsreaders. Of those, text newsreaders, traditional newsreaders, and combination clients are most likely to be useful.

Personal favorites of users

[info]dw_news commenters

How to Use It

(information goes here when we know what)