OpenID Implementation

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  • cgi-bin/LJ/
  • cgi-bin/LJ/OpenID/
  • htdocs/openid/*
  • create_view_yadis in cgi-bin/


This is the part of OpenID that lets users from other sites log into Dreamwidth and maintain an OpenID account.

  • cgi-bin/LJ/
  • htdocs/openid/login.bml


This is the part of the OpenID implementation that lets Dreamwidth users log into other sites using OpenID.

  • htdocs/openid/server.bml



This is a file that other OpenID consumers use when trying to detect our OpenID server when our users are logging into their servers.

  • create_view_yadis in cgi-bin/


This ability requires the Perl OpenID module, supporting 2.0, such as version 1.02. (The default version in Ubuntu 8.04, 0.13, is not sufficient.)

If you need help installing look at:

You can use these commands to check for the version number you are using:

perldoc -m Net::OpenID::Server
perldoc -m Net::OpenID::Consumer


  • Get up to OpenID 2.0 standardized
  • Add canonical identifiers and local identifiers; make it so renamed accounts don't get access to previous OpenID sign ins
  • Add the ability for people to attach OpenIDs to their account and manage them
  • Add the ability to merge an OpenID account into a Dreamwidth account or upgrade using an invite code