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This page discusses the proposed rearchitecture of the URLs used by the site.


Modern web software has standardized on using simpler URLs: removing unnecessary cruft, using simple verbs/nouns to define what you're doing, etc. LJ has not kept up with these changes, and we have a good chance with DW to do so.

Note: we will continue to support old-style URLs, so we do not break links and muscle memory. We will also keep extensions such as .jpg and .mp3 for content that isn't HTML. However, canonical URLs will be new-style.

Journal Space

User content should always be delivered on the subdomain that the user owns. For the purpose of this discussion we will use USER to indicate where the user's account name will be.

Here's a sample of proposed URLs:            # user's 12th entry       # edit entry #12?     # delete entry #12?   # comment on entry #12?        # comment 1335 to the account # screen this comment?  # reply to this comment?       # some image upload       # voice post                # post to this account             # user's profile                # user's wiki         # wiki node

Keep in mind that all action URLs - i.e., /delete, /edit, /screen, etc - will present the user with a confirmation page. No action will be taken via GET.

However, if we receive a valid POST (i.e., via JavaScript/AJAX) then we can take the action. (This simplifies many, many things.)

naming the 12th entry 12 gives people the info that posts to which they don't have access and deleted posts have been made. --Zvi-likes-tv 01:03, 7 March 2009 (UTC)
Agreed, any such method should work with the anum, not the itemid. --Rahaeli 06:13, 7 March 2009 (UTC)

Site Space

No examples yet.